Product Review: Kaytee Silent Spinner

Manufacturer: Kaytee Products, Inc.
Brand: Kaytee
Product Name: Silent Spinner

product kaytee silent spinner

The Kaytee Silent Spinner comes in a variety of colors and sizes.   This wheel can be placed in glass tanks or attached to cages and wire toppers.  It is great to see something on the market other than those noisy wire and mesh wire wheels.  The wheel isn’t exactly silent, however, it is fairly quiet when placed correctly.  The solid open wheel design is great to keep gerbils feet and tails safe.   It is made of hard plastic making it harder to chew, you will still have to monitor for chew marks.

The one draw back to this product are the sizes.   This comes in a 4.5 which is great for mini mice and dwarf hamsters.  Then  a medium size at 6.5 being the most popular for gerbils.  Even though it is the most popular for gerbils, it isn’t quite the right size.  I would like to see this product include a 8.5 or 9 which would be ideal for gerbils.  Next size up is called Giant and it is Giant at 12 inches.  The Giant is also a lot wider making this a great size for larger animals such as chinchillas.





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